Michigan Marijuana Forms

The Michigan Marihuana Act was passed in 2008 to give sick patients safe access to medical marijuana to relieve their suffering. It was anticipated that patients could go to their doctors, get a certification, then obtain their medical marijuana.

Unfortunately, many primary care physicians are unable to write certifications, not due to lack of qualified patients, but because their practices forbade them from doing so. So then emerged certification clinics, some operating at the highest standard of medicine, other to a lower standard, these clinics are currently responsible for the majority of certifications written in Michigan.

Once certified, it was anticipated that patients would be legally safe. We have seen in the last few years that this is not always the case. Law enforcement and the judicial system have picked over each certification that comes to their attention, and denied section 8 defenses to patients based on the smallest mistakes in the certification process.  An example of this is seen in the recent Michigan Court of Appeals Ruling in People v Goodwin.

How does MichiganMarijuanaForms.com Protect Patients?

After patients fill out a very clear and simple on-line form they can print a correctly filled out application (page 2 of the MMMA application) and take it to any certification clinic to see the doctor.  Alternatively, they can securely send it to a participating clinic.

Even if patients don’t have access to the internet, they can simply bring their drivers license and medical records to the clinic and the staff can complete the on-line form by hand or by scanning the back of their license and importing the data.

  • No transcription errors (transposed numbers on the drivers license, etc)
  • Correct legal name is used
  • The current form is always used
  • Errors, cross outs and handwriting problems are eliminated
  • Scanning the license rather than filling in the form by hand reduces visit time

Benefits for the Clinic:

Clinics have an interest in filling out the forms correctly (reduces denials) and efficiently.  While office based certification clinics will experience a time savings and reduction in denials, the use of scanners and pre-formated notes will result in a massive reduction in errors, save staff and physician time, and improve documentation at high volume, convention style clinics.

Michigan Marijuana Forms is Free for Patients!

There is no charge for patients to use Michigan Marijuana Forms to complete their own application. There is no charge for clinics to manually use the website to type out page two of the application.  Clinics interested in participating in the MichiganMarijuanaForms.com system can obtain more information at our clinic information page.

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