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Michigan Marijuana Forms keeps your whole clinic running smoothly

The process of certifying a patient for medical marijuana involves more than filling out the right form. It also involves more than just a regular office visit. Read more to see how Michigan Marijuana Forms enables your clinic to produce legally compliant certifications quickly and easily.

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Legal Compliance Explained

There are four elements to the bonafide dr/pt relationship. Failure to follow them can be devastating to the patient, as seen in the Goodwin Case (URL: http://cases.justia.com/michigan/court-of-appeals-unpublished/2014-320591.pdf?ts=1418302992). The physician must:

  • Evaluate the patient in person, review their relevant medical records, and complete an appropriate examination.
  • Create and maintain a medical record that demonstrates the patients qualifying condition.
  • Make a reasonable effort to follow up with their patients to evaluate the efficacy of their medical marijuana treatment.
  • Offer to notify the patient’s primary care doctor.
How MichiganMarijuanaForms.com meets the standard

Michigan Marijuana Forms helps clinics easily meet the Bonafide Dr/Pt relationship standard by:

  • Providing an method of uploading patients past medical records, during their office visit or after for review and retrieval.
  • Automatically creating and maintaining a medical record note.
  • Automatically notifying clinics when patients follow-ups are due.
  • Systematically helping you notify the patients PCP.
Good recordkeeping comes standard

Michigan Marijuana Forms organizes all your patients’ information in convenient, tabular format. We also alert you when your patient’s records are incomplete. Our site allows you to upload records to the patients chart during, before, or after their clinic visit. In the event the physician needs to provide the chart to a lawyer, it is easily accessed and only a click away and clearly documents that the certification was correctly and completely done.

Automatically generate your physician’s note

If it isn’t in the note, it wasn’t done, so each clinic note addresses the face to face meeting, review of records/exam, and recommendation for follow up and offer an option to notify the primary care doctor. The statutory language is used when needed, and the individual clinics and physicians can modify the default notes as they see fit. This note is started as soon as the physician selects a patient. As each condition is checked on the certification form, a specific section is added to the note. For example clicking ‘glaucoma’ adds ‘The patient has a diagnosis of glaucoma and medical marijuana is recommended in addition to traditional therapy’ to the note.

Follow ups

Physicians can set their follow up frequency by editing their profile. Using this information our scheduling system automatically notifies the clinic administrator when a patient is due for a follow-up. In addition, our system reminds you when a patient is due to renew their card.

Patients start their applications from home

Your patients can start their application online before coming to your clinic. In this simple process:

  • You get a “Lock-in URL” just for your clinic like https://michiganmarijuanaforms.com/sampleclinic
  • Your patient can use this link to fill out Section A and Section B of the form
  • The patient is added to our scheduling system, so you know to call and set up an appointment with them
  • Your staff accesses and reviews this information during the patients office visit

In addition to receiving a “Lock-in URL”: internet users that find our site through our own promotions and SEO can select your clinic from a drop down list of participating clinics in their area.

Michigan Marijuana Forms is Free for Patients

There is no charge for patients to use Michigan Marijuana Forms to complete their own application directly in their browser. There is no charge for clinics to use the website to digitally enter page two of the application. There are a number of advanced verifications to ensure that the application is filled out correctly, and this is all completely free to use. Clinics wishing to access the handheld scanner features, the physician certification features, the EMR and other advanced record keeping features of the program must be a participating practice. There is a small charge per patient. For practices using the system on at least 50 patients a month, the hand held scanner, technical support and other features are included in the per patient fee.

Michigan Marijuana Forms and Large Volume Certifications

Michigan Marijuana Forms is the ideal solution for Large Volume (convention center style) certifications. Such practices deal with large numbers of new patients, each of which must have a chart started, new patient documentation, and their visit documented to the legal standard. Our hand held scanner data collection system, the accuracy of the charting and document compliance with the bonafide standard is essential.

Other Benefits
  • Hand-held license scanners, various automation features, and verification checks make the certification visit easier than ever.
  • You can spend more time with your patient and less time doing paperwork.
  • As part of this EMR system, collection of emails for marketing and follow-ups is automatic and complete.
  • Reduce application denials to near zero when the system is properly used.
  • Clinic patient data is shared at all locations of individual practices, but different practices cannot see each other’s data.
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