There is more to a certification than filling out a form!

The process of certifying a patient for medical marijuana involves more than filling out the right form. It unfortunately involves more than just a regular office visit between patient and physician. There are specific requirements for a ‘Bonafide’ dr/pt relationship which must be followed, as this relationship is the weak point prosecutors like to exploit when prosecuting medical marijuana patients.

The Bonafide Dr/Pt Relationship

There are four elements to the bonafide dr/pt relationship and failure to follow them can be devastating to the patient, as seen in the Goodwin Case.

  1. The Physician evaluated the patient in person, reviewed records, and completed an appropriate examination.
  2. The physician created and maintained a medical record (not just the intake forms and application paperwork).
  3. The physician has a reasonable expectation they will provide follow up to evaluate the efficacy of the patient’s use of marijuana.
  4. The physician will offer to notify the patient’s primary care doctor.

How Does Meet the Standard?

Michigan Marijuana Forms approaches the Bonafide Dr/Pt Relationship from the aspect of automatically documenting what is normally done in a visit. If it isn’t in the note, it wasn’t done, so each clinic note addresses the face to face meeting, review of records/exam, and recommendation for follow up and offer an option to notify the primary care doctor. The statutory language is used when needed, and the individual clinics and physicians can modify the default note as they see fit.  This note is started as soon as the physician selects a patient.

A Note is Generated Automatically

As each condition is checked using a computer, tablet, or even smart phone, a specific section is added to the note- for instance clicking ‘glaucoma’ adds ‘The patient has a diagnosis of glaucoma and medical marijuana is recommended in addition to traditional therapy’ to the note.

Medical records used to form the basis of the recommendation can be scanned in by the physician, by staff members, or copied for the paper chart as per the usual practice of the clinic. In the event the physician needs to provide the chart to a lawyer, it is easily accessed and only a click away and clearly documents that the certification was correctly and completely done.

Section 8 Starts with the Certification

Proper certification is the basis of a section 8 defense, and with Michigan Marijuana Forms, clinics are practically forced to be well prepared for the case should they be called into court. No more fumbling for records- Being able to produce excellent documentation demonstrates the professional nature of the clinic and protects the patient.

his service will not only build a value in the certifications you provide, it will save you a great deal time and make your clinic more profitable maximizing the efficiency of your certification process!

Michigan Marijuana Forms is Free for Patients

There is no charge for patients to use Michigan Marijuana Forms to complete their own application. There is no charge for clinics to manually use the website to type out page two of the application.  The ease of use makes the preferred route for patients to fill out their applications on line, and these patients are routed to your clinic.

Clinics wishing to access the handheld scanner features, the physician certification features, the EMR and other advanced record keeping features of the program must be a participating practice. There is a small charge per patient. For practices using the system on at least 50 patients a month, the hand held scanner, technical support and other features are included in the per patient fee.

Clinics with websites have contact pages.  Adding a 301 redirect to from your contact page allows patients to start their application on line and send it to YOUR clinic only.  Patients coming in from the internet can select from all clinics.

Michigan Marijuana Forms is Ideal for Large Volume Certifications

While Michigan Marijuana Forms works very well with office based practices, saving time and increasing accuracy, it is ideally suited for large volume practices centered on certifications. Such practices deal with large numbers of new patients, each of which must have a chart started, new patient documentation, and their visit documented to the legal standard. Our hand held scanner data collection system, the accuracy of the charting and document compliance with the bonafide standard is essential.

Security and Benefits:

  • As part of this EMR system, collection of emails for newsletters and follow-ups is automatic and complete.
  • All elements of the bonafide relationship and section 8 are automatically documented.
  • You can spend your time with your patient, even in a convention style clinic, rather than doing paperwork.
  • Reduce denials to near zero when the system is properly used.
  • Clinic patient data is shared at all locations of individual practices, but different practices cannot see each other’s data.
  • Patients coming from the clinic website are only presented with that clinic’s locations rather than exposed to an option to send to ‘any’ participating clinic.
  • Scanners and automation make check in and completion of all documentation a breeze.  Spend your time seeing the patient, not filling out forms.