Instructions for Patients

Completing the Michigan Medical Marijuana Application has never been easier than with Michigan Marijuana Forms.  Simple take out your Michigan Drivers License or State ID, know your mailing address, and know if you are going to possess your own plants or have made arrangements to have a caregiver.

Select a Clinic

There are a number of quality clinics participating in the Michigan Marijuana Forms System.  Clinics that participate feel that proper documentation is not an option for their patients, it is a requirement of the standard of care.

Using a Michigan Marijuana Forms Clinic assures you that you have a high standard certification that meets all the requirements of the bonafide dr/pt relationship and the Section 8 Defense.

Complete the Form

The form itself is very simple.  Use your LEGAL name, your correct mailing address, and indicate if you are going to possess your plants or are selecting a caregiver.  Make sure you include any Jr, Sr, III that appears on your license/id.

Patients and caregivers have the option of not recording their drivers license, but understand that it is required for the application and must be written in prior to sending to the state.  An email IS required, but you can opt to NOT include this on the application to the state by checking the appropriate box.

Submit your Application

Once you are done filling in the form, simply click ‘Submit’ and it is securely sent electronically to the clinic of your choice.  All information is encrypted and cannot be intercepted to assure your privacy.

You have the option to simply print page 2 of your application and take it to a non-participating clinic.  We cannot assure a non-participating clinic follows the full standard of the bonafide relationship and Section 8, but the choice to go outside the network is available to you and completely free of charge.

Call the Clinic to set an Appointment to See the Doctor

Michigan Marijuana Forms is NOT an on-line certification clinic.  You MUST physically meet with a doctor at the clinic of your choice and there will be a fee for that visit.

There is no charge to patients for using the Michigan Marijuana Forms System, but it is designed to help you provide the documentation with your certification to assure you filled out the form properly and meet all the requirements of the law.